#24MAG Special Edition: REMIX ISSUE

remix invite

This was another thing I did this summer!

Sara and I have been talking forever about doing special editions of the magazine, and she was quite eager to have someone do an issue that she didn’t have to personally manage so’s she could focus on contributing content. We also wanted to make a broad declaration that all our content was Creative Commons, so it was remixable, and…

You know what? I’m just recapping my editor’s letter now. The whole thing is readable for free online; go read it. The short version is this: I coordinated and edited an entire special edition of #24MAG by my silly-ass self, and it was rad. I even made my own goofy contribution, remixing Issue 5 into a papercraft 7th stellation icosahedron.

That concludes my summer recap. Enjoy!

Voice Acting – Codename Cygnus

Toldja I was busy this summer!

One of the things I’ve sort-of fallen into in the last year is helping local indie developers run their Kickstarter campaigns. (You’d be amazed how well people can botch a campaign.) Lately it’s mostly been minor consultations for a nominal fee, but for Codename Cygnus I worked very closely with Reactive on setting up their campaign and then managing it once it was live.

Being a Jack Of All Trades, I ended up doing my 1930’s newsreel voice for this radio spot. (You may recognize it.) Voice acting is a lot of fun, generally, but something that I haven’t really put much effort into pursuing. So many things to do, and yet the day is finite. Always a blast when opportunities fall into one’s lap.



Here’s another thing I made.

Following the release of Issue 5 of #24MAG, I was tasked (read: I tasked myself) with making a zine of some of our extra content. Articles that didn’t make the deadline, excess photos, and so forth. This was largely a “waste not” measure, but I also wanted a safety net; making a magazine in 24 hours, it’s very hard to tell someone that their piece is awesome but is taking too long. But being loose with the deadline proves really hard on the designers as the work starts to bottleneck near the 10am mark. (I’m horribly guilty of this; one of my pieces for Issue 4 didn’t get a final draft til 8am, two hours before we were supposed to ship.) This zine was, among other things, the thing that allowed us to be hardasses about the content deadline. Even if we’re willing blow deadlines (and we are), this took a lot of pressure off the design staff.

I made this whole thing by my lonesome, with the Editor-In-Chief providing remote supervision. It was made with tape and printer paper and liberal misuse of the Cambridge Public Library’s scanner, and took two weeks. (I’d like to point out that our content-packed, gorgeous, well-designed, printed-on-fancy-paper magazine takes only a day, and yet most people hear the premise and think it looks more like what you see above.)

It was a lot of fun to make. Go check it out.

#24MAG Issue 5 – Data

Wow am I behind on sharing this! Way the hell back in May we made Issue 5 of #24MAG, the magazine made in 24 hours by and for creatives. The theme for Issue 5 was Data, and you can read Issue 5 free online right here.

As ever, I made the launch video, as you can see above. I’m all over this issue – I took part in the large piece about gender and our traditional contributor profiles, I did a piece with Ben Cordes about the scientific method, I interviewed one of the moderators for MetaFilter about moderating the Boston bombing thread (the full text of this interview is online here), and then, at 1am, because I had some time to kill, I wrote a piece about getting PTSD from having my jaw broken in a mugging.

You can also buy our gorgeous print edition here.

Stay Real (Sock It To Me, Satan)

About a year ago, I made this video for Math The Band. When I lived in Providence, Kevin and Justine lived in the same artist community that I did. We met during one of the meet & greets, and kept running into each other doing our volunteer hours. (They are, by the way, rad people.) I mentioned that I do video (among other things), and they said they were looking to make one video for every song on their new album. I was given a March deadline, and apparently I was one of the only people to stick to deadline, ‘cuz they were still waiting on videos in September.

Anyway, here’s the idea: I created a karaoke video for the song where all the lyrics were replaced with mondegreens – nonsense phrases that sound similar enough to the real one that you could mis-hear them. I had six different people listen to the song and then perform while reading these fake lyrics for the first time, then animated illustrations of the fake lyrics. It was a shit-ton of work, but also a shit-FUN of work, if you sink my lure.

I’m not entirely sure the concept comes across without explanation. Also not entirely sure I care. Kevin and Justine just officially launched this video today, so it’s up to the world to decide now. Not that I’ll ever know; Rule #1 is Never Read The Comments.


#24MAG Issue 4 is LIVE!!

24mag pic


Issue 4 of #24MAG is live. Go read the whole thing online. Or go here and buy a print copy.

This issue is super-pretty. I think we found a nice medium between Lucia’s stylish spareness and Jack’s lushness.

Lushness is a word.

Also: Felt & Wire liveblogged the entire magazine. Go check that out, too.

We had a record 20+ contributors this time, which is near-double our usual count. Meant we had fewer anxieties about hitting our page count (we exceeded our target by a good 6 pages) but it made a LOT of extra work for the editors. Maybe it’s something about the critical mass, but the post-magazine period has been more of a love-fest than usual. I think it scopes up a bit with each issue, but absolutely everyone is thrilled to have spent these 24 (er, 28) hours together. It’s really the most incredible thing most of us do.

Go forth. Check it out. It’s so ruddy nice-looking.