2 clips from Cornography, a documentary about the US corn industry. This was the second time I did rotoscoping, and the first time I did the kind of compositing that I like to do when I rotoscope.

Er, right, what does that mean? Rotoscoping is when you trace video footage to make an animated image that moves very realistically. It’s a very meditative practice that I enjoy, and a good thing, too, because it takes hours and hours. By “compositing” I mean that I can take different still or moving images and, by rotoscoping them, make them appear to be in the same scene, or manipulate them to change their meaning. That dog was not, in fact, being walked by an ear of corn. (It was actually on a treadmill.)

I did temp voiceovers for this, but they were so much better than the guy the directors had in mind that I ended up doing all the narration myself. Also revamped bits of the script – “and then we eat the cow” and was my addition, and I wrote out a long, awful  list of corn puns like “darn near ear-resistible.” I should dig that out…


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