Here’s another thing I made.

Following the release of Issue 5 of #24MAG, I was tasked (read: I tasked myself) with making a zine of some of our extra content. Articles that didn’t make the deadline, excess photos, and so forth. This was largely a “waste not” measure, but I also wanted a safety net; making a magazine in 24 hours, it’s very hard to tell someone that their piece is awesome but is taking too long. But being loose with the deadline proves really hard on the designers as the work starts to bottleneck near the 10am mark. (I’m horribly guilty of this; one of my pieces for Issue 4 didn’t get a final draft til 8am, two hours before we were supposed to ship.) This zine was, among other things, the thing that allowed us to be hardasses about the content deadline. Even if we’re willing blow deadlines (and we are), this took a lot of pressure off the design staff.

I made this whole thing by my lonesome, with the Editor-In-Chief providing remote supervision. It was made with tape and printer paper and liberal misuse of the Cambridge Public Library’s scanner, and took two weeks. (I’d like to point out that our content-packed, gorgeous, well-designed, printed-on-fancy-paper magazine takes only a day, and yet most people hear the premise and think it looks more like what you see above.)

It was a lot of fun to make. Go check it out.

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