#24MAG Issue 4 is LIVE!!

24mag pic


Issue 4 of #24MAG is live. Go read the whole thing online. Or go here and buy a print copy.

This issue is super-pretty. I think we found a nice medium between Lucia’s stylish spareness and Jack’s lushness.

Lushness is a word.

Also: Felt & Wire liveblogged the entire magazine. Go check that out, too.

We had a record 20+ contributors this time, which is near-double our usual count. Meant we had fewer anxieties about hitting our page count (we exceeded our target by a good 6 pages) but it made a LOT of extra work for the editors. Maybe it’s something about the critical mass, but the post-magazine period has been more of a love-fest than usual. I think it scopes up a bit with each issue, but absolutely everyone is thrilled to have spent these 24 (er, 28) hours together. It’s really the most incredible thing most of us do.

Go forth. Check it out. It’s so ruddy nice-looking.

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