Hey, this is a thing!

AmeriCorps Year of Service, 2009-2010. True story. I did after-school programming with low-income kids through the Providence Children’s Museum. A portion of my 1700 service hours went to a Museum Enrichment Project where we documented the construction of the Museum’s Luckey Climber. We set up a camera in the building next door and it took a picture every 20-or-so minutes. We never exactly found out why the camera kept stopping, and it was apparently getting bumped by the cleaning staff, so there are large gaps in the timelapse and the angle keeps changing. Regardless, I was quite happy with the finished product, though it drives me nuts that we missed the cone going up!

I did the first pass on the editing, but most of the credit goes to Melinda Rainsberger – she provided the camera & the timelapse program, she did all the motion graphics and color correction, she finagled a friend to submit the soundtrack, and did a pass on the edit after I was done which markedly improved it. And she did it for credit and some museum passes. She’s a classy lady.

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