Link to Longy. (Apparently embedding is disabled.)

I was the editor on this one, working with Lynn of Wiesswoman Productions. I’ve been working with Lynn for the past few months – officially I’m an intern, but she gets me some paid work on shoots as well. She’s been an extremely valuable mentor for me as I learn the ropes of being a freelancer, and has plugged me in to a lot of resources. When working for free, or for a small stipend, I can be very choosy about the work in a way I can’t otherwise – when only a small number of people are offering money, I don’t have a lot of freedom to say no. But lots of people are looking for free help, so, while I still have the time for it, volunteering and interning are ways to working exclusively with people I like and on work I find interesting.

Fav performance: 0:47.

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