twenty-four magazine

(I made a magazine.)

twenty-four magazine is sort of like a game jam, only you make a magazine. You pack around a dozen creative professionals into a Brooklyn apartment and make a magazine in 24 hours. This was started by my friend Sara Eileen earlier this year after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

I was not on staff for the first issue, and it’s only because she and the rest of the Issue One staff have agreed that I’ll say out loud – the first issue looked a little amateurish (nevertheless impressive for 24 hours). She invited me on the staff for Issue Two and she and the other organizers tweaked the process a bit to help make the magazine better. Last Friday at 10am we started, and by (er, roughly) 10am on Saturday, we had a magazine.

Forgive my Anglo-Saxon, but I am so fucking goddamn proud of what we made.

Myself, I interviewed Scott McCloud (author of Zot! and Understanding Comics, and the creator of the 24 Hour Comic) and James and Lisanne of Indie Game: The Movie. I also wrote a piece on science, did some of the online documentation, and showed up in a few photos. The Scott McCloud interview ended up being the front-page article, and I’m like holy shit.

It was a fantastic weekend. Everyone’s contributions were amazing, not least of all Jack’s layout (Jack being one of only 3 people that made it the whole 24 hours without sleep – I crapped out in the last 90 minutes). Please do click the link (oh look here it is again), you can see a few pages of the magazine for free (it is so pretty). The PDF version is only $3, so by all means, check it out!

And I’ll be on staff for the next one. Boosh!

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