One-Eyed Monsters

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One-Eyed Monsters – an adventure game of sorts, the hypothetical love-child of The Secret of Monkey Island and Lemmings. Take control of four survivors living in the ruins of Oakland, California, avoiding the giant fuck-off aliens. Solve puzzles through cooperation, coordination, defenestration, and inertia. And maybe, if you’re lucky, reconstruct human civilization. (Slightly longer version.)

crane sample

(RTG crane drawn with help of Ryan Wheeler.)

Programmer Wanted!

I am looking for a collaborator to get this made! I am doing writing, design, music, and most of the art & animation, but need assistance with programming. You have skills in ActionScript or Unity, or are great (like, really great) at convincing me to use something else. I work best with people I can sit in a room with, so ideally you’re in the Boston area, or are freakishly dependable on the internet. One-Eyed Monsters is intended to be released episodically, so you are ideally able to stay on til the release of the first episode at least (presumably ~6 months, but surely you know what a crapshoot that is). If you truly must leave after that, more’s the pity, and please be truly excellent at commenting your code for the next person.

Payment is revshare. If you sign on, every dollar the project earns while you are on the team is split straight down the middle. 50/50. If we need assistance down the line, we’ll raise the money for it.

Come have a super-duper adventure (of sorts) with me.

Contact me: mejicaboom [at] gmail [dot] com.


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