One-Eyed Monsters

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One-Eyed Monsters – an adventure game of sorts, the hypothetical love-child of The Secret of Monkey Island and Lemmings. Take control of four survivors living in the ruins of Oakland, California, avoiding the giant fuck-off aliens. Solve puzzles through cooperation, coordination, defenestration, and inertia. And maybe, if you’re lucky, reconstruct human civilization. (Slightly longer version.)

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OddBrawlz Post-Mortem


OddBrawlz was the final name of my entry for the TIGSource Sports Compo. Everything I’ve made so far has been for 3-day jams, and usually extremely stripped down. I wanted to do a month-long jam to make something with a little more thought. I’m also not a skilled enough programmer to impress anybody with three days of work. (Yet.)

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