twenty-four Issue 3

We’re at it again!

Issue 3 of twenty-four magazine kicks off in a couple weeks. Head on over to that website, if’n you want, Issue 2 is free now and my grubby fingers are all over it.

I made this video with Sara while she was in town a few weeks ago. If I’m to be brutally honest (rarely a good idea), I look and this and say “I know I could do better.” I was about to leave for vacation to California and had a load of work that needed to get done before I left, so the editing on this all got done in one day. It’s a good quarter-mile better than the previous, before-my-involvement videos, so I’m not complaining. But I know my abilities, and I could have had more fun.

Still, 75% today looks like 110% of a few years ago. And prepare thyselves for the wonder that will be Issue 3.


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