Ass Danced Off By Danskin

Oakland, circa 2006. Served as my final project in both Production and Sound As Image. Rejected from the end-of-the-year juried show, but liked enough by students to, along with several other rejects, kickstart a non-juried show immediately following the juried show. Wore my pink tuxedo to that.

What was especially fun about this one was that the song and the video were made in tandem. Went something like this:

  1. Filmed self dancing in front of a camera w/ a wide-angle lens for about an hour, blasting this, with vague ideas of ways I could edit it.
  2. Picked the chords and sounds I wanted in the song and had my friend record each one individually. (He also made some buzzes in Max MSP.)
  3. Started chopping video clips – with liberal use of Time Remap and bezier handles – into sync with some freeware drum beats (kick and snare, which I gated within an inch of their lives).
  4. Once I had a fair number of drum-loop-video-clips, started writing the middle chunk of the song as it is now – where the guitar first comes in – in SoundTrack, by hacking together the audio clips one note at a time. (I am not good enough to play this song live on guitar.)
  5. From there I went back & forth, writing bits of music and finding video to go with it, or taking rhythmic clips of video and writing music for it, until the whole shebang started to come together.
  6. A massive number of video transitions, renders, and re-renders later (and maxing out the saturation to truly ludicrous amounts), we had this thing here. :D

My dad still asks how I stuck to the wall. Jokingly, I think.

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