New Thing

So hey ho, here’s a new thing.

Some quick housecleaning: One-Eyed Monsters is not dead, but it’s been on a shelf for a bit. If you ever read the devlog (p’ah!) then you know I was trying to code the thing myself, and hey, I was even kind of optimistic about it. Updates stopped because that wasn’t going so well. To get OEM done and have time to do anything else before dying of old age, I’ll need a coder, and I’m looking into a few prospects for raising the money to pay one.

Meantime, I’ve got another little project that I’m just starting to design, and setting ground rules to prevent it from ballooning to more than a 3-to-4 month project. I want to start it properly next month and get it most-of-the-way finished in time for the IGF deadline, if only just to have a deadline of any sort. Will make announcement, ehm… sometime.

This domain-and-blog came about because I certainly didn’t want to start yet another blog for the new project, and I haven’t really kept a normal blog, of the write-about-things-other-than-games-on-occasion variety, in a great while. Sooner or later I may port the OEM devlog over here and scrap the old site. This is going to be the central hub for just about everything now.

You can use the Category tags (there will be Category tags) to filter by project, or just look at everything.

Also, I had a sandwich today. Fucking awesome.

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