From The Archives: Tales From Doom Isle pt. 1

From The Archives:

First semester at California College of the Arts, I was given this assignment in my Time & Media class: make a one-minute film using a word from a Shakespearean sonnet as a springboard. Do the entire video in-camera with no edits.

This is what resulted.

Most folks did something pretty simple – one guy just pointed the camera up at the ceiling while he drove through a tunnel – but I spent a solid hour doing take after take to get this just right (and down to 1 minute).

Please forgive the image quality; getting this onto the internet involved dubbing a Digital8 tape to DVD, ripping the DVD footage at a poor compression, then capturing the DVD rip with a screen capture program when it wouldn’t import into Final Cut, and finally compressing the hell out of it to fit it on a disk for my college portfolio application. I could get a higher-resolution version, but it hardly seems worth the effort.

Also, my favorite outtake:

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