From The Archives: A Couple Of Minutes

From The Archives:

This was an Intro To Video project (I think). No particular assignment other than “make a project for the End Of Semester Show.” The core idea was to make an elaborate tracking shot with stop-motion, which is a neat idea but I did, like, zero planning. This came out pretty sloppy.

Having myself dance around the frame like I do came from a weird fixation I had with the animator being part of the animation, and the means of the animation being transparent. (The film Pan With Us by David Russo does this a lot better.) I still like some of the ideas in A Couple Of Minutes, but I’d want to execute it considerably better if I did it again.

The only surviving copy of this project was on a VHS tape, which I piped into my camcorder with RCA cables and then imported into Final Cut. There was a gap in the timecode just before the project played, which turned on the display (which would not turn off). Blame the overall image quality on storing a VHS tape in boxes for 7 years.

Audio by Stevie Hryciw (sampling heavily from the Contra Hard Corps BGM.)

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