Button Brigade Trailer

DEBUT! I made this trailer for Axis Sivitz’s game, Button Brigade. This is the most up-to-date Innuendo Studios has ever been: the trailer was finished two days ago.

I met Axis a little over a month ago at a Boston Indies meetup. This is his second game, and as it’s almost done, we’re talking about possibly working on something together, possibly [redacted]. In either case, Axis is a cool guy, so I made this trailer! Then immediately some time-consuming paid work came along and I ended up having to cram this in during my scant free time. But as I am wont to do, I still gave him the works – voice-over, lots of edits, and really down-to-the-wire I threw in some animation. Got to break in my new Snowflake mic, too.

Go check out the game! I look forward to playing it on my housemate’s iPhone.

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