One Minute of One Minute Racist

Snippet! I made this thing near the end of College Round 2 – my first collaboration with Caveh Zahedi outside of him being my Production teacher. There was a competition at CurrentTV to make a film about prejudice, and the winner would get, like, three grand. Caveh filmed a story about the time he caught himself being racist against Asians for a hot second, and I offered to help when it was clear Alan would have trouble animating the whole thing. We made the first version in a weekend, and my animation was atrocious. We didn’t win. But Current expressed interest in broadcasting it, so we gave it an overhaul and I completely re-did all the animation to the style you see here, and we got paid a lump sum for the effort.

Alan Peterson is responsible for the claymation, and he drew all those lovely borderless pastel backgrounds. He also came up with the idea of putting the squiggly white behind the characters to hint at a torn-paper draw cycle. I did all the drawn animation and much of the lipsynch.

Looking at this older stuff, I keep thinking how I could do it better now. I like some of my contribution a lot, but it’s very clearly a fresh animator trying to turn limited skills into a style. Smart tactic, but I’ve since improved. Doesn’t seem to be on CurrentTV anymore, either…

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