Move Right

A micro-chiptune made in PxTone Collage. You can download the looping source file here (requires ptPlayer – I know this site’s in Japanese, look for “download”).

This was output from a rut I got into after a long stretch of not making anything. My girlfriend and I worked out an arrangement where I had to produce work every week our else she had permission to punish me by means of her choosing (fact: my girlfriend owns a taser). I made one PxTone song a week for 7 weeks under this system – this one was the best (might post more later).

That work-or-get-punished system was a good jumpstart for me, basically a Ulysses Compact to get moving our get your ass handed to you. I also coded a lot for OEM during this period. We were cribbing from Dom/sub dynamics, and if ever I am so fortunate as to give a talk on this at the IGF, I’d call it “Nintendo D/s.”

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