Video Essays

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Scott McCloud’s definition of “art.”
Ebert on video games.
“Vegetable” has no botanical definition.

That Chemical Plant Zone remix.

Folding Ideas on semiotics.
Paper on semiotics.
Book with an excellent essay on Death of the Author.
Rundown of the essay (because it’s not online).
Barthes on Death of the Author.
Foucault on Death of the Author.
A book on Enunciation Theory.
An article on Enunciation Theory.
Laura Mandanas on The Beginner’s Guide.
Liz Ryerson on The Beginner’s Guide.
Robert Yang on The Beginner’s Guide.

Steve Swink’s book on game feel.
On the grammar of Doge.

The Dadification of games.

Full text of the study.
Feminist Frequency show notes.
Let Jack Thompson go.

Firewatch. The Witness. Return of the Obra Dinn. Oxenfree. Dropsy. Tacoma. Night In The Woods. else Heart.Break(). Cibele. Alone With You. Read Only Memories. Lionheart Drive. Obduction. Thimbleweed Park. Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet.


This comic was a major inspiration for the video.
On why there aren’t more women playing Melee.
The Kotaku piece on competitive gaming.
Chris DeLean on rules in sports vs. video games.
Forrest Smith’s Smash charts.
Daigo vs. Justin Wong.
The Smash Bros. documentary.
Quake speedrun.
Half-Life 2 speedrun.
Siglemic’s Mario 64 speedruns.
aMSa vs. Mew2King at KoC4.
Axe vs. Silent Wolf.
The year is 20XX, everyone plays Fox.
Chuck Klosterman on football and the read option.


Characterizing Interactive Fiction, by Andrew Plotkin.