Selected Projects

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  • Innuendo Studios (2014-present). Creator, writer, director, and animator on YouTube video essay series.
  • The Future of Money Podcast (2014-present). Audio editor.
  • The Bedpost Confessions Podcast (2011-present). Audio editor.
  • Truly Social (2016-2017). Video editor on YouTube series.
  • Outreach (2016). Narrative design on zero-g exploration adventure game by Pixel Spill.
  • Learn the Command Line… For Science! (2016). Video editor.
  • #24MAG (2012-2014). Assistant editor, community manager, and contributor to quarterly flash magazine.
  • Codename Cygnus (2013). Crowdfunding consultant on Codename Cygnus Kickstarter campaign and voice actor for Codename Cygnus radio spot, for Reactive Studios.
  • Say Real (Sock It To Me Satan) (2013). Music video director, editor, and animator for Math the Band.
  • Neocolonialism (2012). Crowdfunding consultant for Subaltern Games.
  • Button Brigade Trailer (2012). Director, editor, animator, and voice actor for Axis Sivitz.
  • Educational shorts (2012). Animator and voice actor on series of educational videos for Emory University.
  • ESL Panda Promo (2011). Director, animator, and voice actor for ESL Panda, produced by Joe Aleman.
  • Creating the Climber (2010). Editor and co-director (with Melinda Rainsberger) on short video for the Providence Children’s Museum.
  • Cornography (2010). Animator and voice actor on documentary film Cornography.
  • The Unmaking of I Am A Sex Addict (2009). Lead animator on short film for Wholphin DVD Magazine, directed by Caveh Zahedi.
  • Silence (2009). Director, editor, and performer on short film.
  • Guitaway! (2008) Composer and audio editor on short song built from field recordings and interviews.
  • One Minute Racist (2007). Co-animator (with Alan Peterson) and co-director (with Alan Peterson and Caveh Zahedi) on short film for CurrentTV.
  • Wax (2007). Director and editor on short film.
  • A Couple of Minutes (2007). Director and editor on short film.
  • Fandom (2006). Editor on DVD bonus feature for documentary Barbie Nation, directed by Susan Stern.
  • Tea (2006). Director, editor, and performer on short film.
  • Ass Danced Off By Danskin (2006). Director, editor, composer, and performer on short film.
  • Vermis (2005). Co-animator (with Alan Peterson) on comedy series (directed by Alan Peterson) for uthTV.
  • Duct Tape & Prayers: Unorthodox Youth Theatre (2002-2004). Board member, writer, and director for youth theatre group.