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Ian Danskin is a New England media artist and video essayist. For 15 years – ever since his first Animation class during his sophomore year of high school – Danskin has been working in film, video, audio, animation, and performance. His work focuses on analyzing – and talking about how to analyze – new media, modern technology, and the web, and how to operate ethically in the Information Age.

After spending several years at California College of the Arts, working in after-school education, in Providence, Rhode Island, and working in direct care in Boston, Massachusetts, Danskin now studies in the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Danskin freelances under the name Innuendo Studios, and uploads to his YouTube channel of the same name. His ongoing video series about games, social politics, and internet culture has been quoted in Forbes and PBS Idea Channel, has been promoted by Feminist Frequency and Mojang, and has been nominated for the NYVGCC Award for Journalism. His channel has been viewed over 2.5 million times and has over 44 thousand subscribers.

Danskin has worked in such eclectic fields as animation for feature documentary, independent computer game design, magazine publishing, voice acting for radio spots, and crowdfunding consultation. He is the recipient of the California Governor’s Scholarship and the Class of 1941 Award, and his work has been streamed over pirate radio at the Whitney Biennial.